Do our cats truly love us? It's sometimes hard to tell.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if our cat friends truly love us….and other times it’s obvious. They follow us around, meow and make it known that they love to be in our presence. Since cats can be very subtle, you sometimes have to pay attention to their less obvious hints.

Let’s cover just a few of the ways:


This is a common way a cat will show their affection. Especially as you stroke them or cuddle with them. We all seem to know this one. But did you know that cats also purr when they are in pain? If you feel your cat is in some type of pain, please see us immediately.

Grooming Us

Cats like to mingle their scent with other animals they feel comfortable around. The dog, another cat…and especially you. This makes them feel relaxed and creates a community scent that is important to them.


Cats sometimes will sit and look at you….watching. Mine are always observing. But when they look at you and slowly blink…this is a good sign that your furry friend enjoys your company and trusts you. These are cat kisses and you can return the love. Next time you see this behavior in your cat, do the same to show your trust and affection.

Belly Up

When cats feel safe they turn their most vulnerable side up. It’s a great compliment if your cat is crashed out on your sofa, belly up and fast asleep. They are truly happy to be in your home.

Head Butting and Cheek Rubs

Cats like to mark their territory. Sometimes it is in subtle ways like head butts and cheek rubs. Scent produced in their head, cheeks and in saliva contain pheromones and are transferred onto people they adore.

Gift Bearers

Time to time your cat will bring you a toy or other item. Hunters will even bring you a mouse or spider or …. well, whatever. These gift givers should be praised. It is the ultimate act of affection! You never know what you may get, but you will know for sure that they love you.

So the next time your cat shows you that they care....return the slow blink or head butt. Take time to groom them. If you really pay attention, you will see that they love us in ways only a cat would know. Now you know too.

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